About Us

Katie McKeon, Owner/Founder
Hi, I’m Katie, and my love language is cooking for people. Honestly, I had no idea this would turn into a business. When the pandemic started, I figured that cooking a few meals for friends and family might be a nice way to share a little love. Plus it would give me something to keep myself busy. I said bu-bye to the corporate world a few months before, so I needed a project. My choices were cooking or golf. And golf don’t pay. 
I’ve been floored by the support and love that folks have shown for Salt City Kitchen. This business started with just me but we have grown so much. And thats the best part, sharing my love of food to new people and giving someone an opportunities to learn something new (and they are teaching me a WHOLE lot in the meantime). I believe in this community, believe is the power of good food and believe in giving back to those who need it most. 
Claire Probst, Prep/Delivery/In House Singer
Isaac Pritt, Delivery/Jack of Trades
Liz Bogus, Delivery/Fierce Roller Skating Queen